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How Custom Dry Erase Aids in Property Management

Property management covers day-to-day repairs, maintenance, security, upkeep of properties, and aiding tenants. Ensuring that these tasks are completed is vital in maintaining property. A custom dry erase board allows you to stay on top of these repairs and upkeep easily.

What is Property Management?

Property management is the daily oversight of residential, commercial, or industrial real estate. Property managers typically take responsibility for day-to-day repairs and ongoing maintenance, security, and upkeeping of these properties. Other duties include screening potential tenants, drafting and signing leases, maintaining properties, including landscaping and snow removal, and setting up and adhering to budgets. Property can include rental properties, vacation homes, campsites, and commercial buildings, all needing similar yet different types of maintenance.

property management board

How Custom Dry Erase Boards Help With Property Management

When creating your custom dry erase board, the first thing you should think about is its purpose. Are you looking to track tenant rent payments, occupancy, lease terms, or maintenance? These questions are essential in the initial design of your board. Whether you want to focus on one purpose or cover them all, we can do it for you! Let's make this a little easier and look at some of our best custom dry erase property management boards.

The board design above shows a property management board designed for a construction company in the process of building a new facility.

As seen on the board, there are different tables for the many duties and tasks that must be completed throughout the project. This board was designed to allow the crew to keep track of the current houses, clients, milestones to alert the client of, and weekly commitments for each unit.

Visual reminders in the workplace are highly effective and have enhanced work efficiency and customer satisfaction. They allow employees to absorb the information presented while creating a unified plan for the upcoming day or project—for example, constraint log, upcoming milestones, and weekly commitments. 

The visual aid of the planned property layout next to the tasks ensures that no mistakes are made during the building process. Custom printed dry erase boards ensure that everyone is on the same page throughout the process and that your projects go to plan. apartment complex management board

The diverse needs of clients lead to different approaches and designs to our custom dry erase boards allowing us to ensure you get what you need.

The example board pictured to the left is a custom dry erase board focusing on property management concerning tenants and landlord duties. This board has a somewhat different design than we have seen above, focusing on managing properties as a landlord versus an ongoing property project.

Example B is set up in the design of the apartment complex, showcasing the different units and the property layout from amenities to the road. Each floor of the building layout is labeled and shown in separate spheres to identify tenant units and their given location quickly.

Boards designed to show apartment layouts are used to benefit landlords in the upkeeping of information, such as rent payments, tenant information, lease terms, and paperwork. Visual representations of your properties allow you to ensure that nothing is slipping through the cracks regarding paperwork, debts, and landlord duties.

Custom dry erase boards allow you to easily mark off units to signify late rent, vacancy, pending tenants, or simple repairs needed. You are allowing for quick visual reminders for yourself and your staff without the process of looking through files to find requests or required paperwork.

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Cara Porcella September 7, 2023
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